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62 photos from 2002 through 2003. Click on any of the small images to enlarge.



Guarding precious cargo Taco stand Having fun in Lake Amatitlan Traditional drink


Colorful houses Church near the main square The volcano lurks Just missed the shot
Cathedral interior Laundry time More laundry Hard at work
5th Avenue Cathedral la Merced Indigenous woman with child Market at 7 a.m.
Young shopper Beautiful buses

Guatemala City

Bus driver Girl in doorway Zona Uno Christmas market at Plaza Obelisco
Three tacos for Q10 Capilla de Yurrita Calle 18 Mysterious procession
Renovated post office Sunday off Tamales on the square Dyes for sale
Snacks in the central market Sidewalk produce Avenida 6 License plate
Typical bus Calzado Roosevelt traffic Shoeshine boys Shop for sale
Ravine Drugstore security Outskirts from the sky Just hanging out
Guatemalan faces Considering a career in show business Machismo in the Parque Central Cathedral at the Parque Central


Panajachel street scene Hard at work Testing out the merchandise Cathedral
The pie lady Ready for the world Snack time Picnic on the shore of Lake Atitlan
Father and daughter End of the line Single file, please Watching their step
Corner shop Wait, is this Khao San Road? Lake Atitlan at sunset Lake beach

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