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New Year's Eve battle
(Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur)

January 2005
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur: New Year's Eve battle

The public fireworks displays and concerts were cancelled out of respect for the victims of the tsunami a few days earlier, but that wasn't stopping revelers from taking to the streets in the Bukit Bintang area. And as usual, an awful lot of them celebrated by spraying strangers with colorful gunk from aerosol cans. The spraying is mostly consensual; I was able to walk around from 1:30 to 2am without getting the slightest bit on me. Once I got out the camera and started standing in the middle of groups having at it, though, I became fair game (fair enough). By the time I got home, my hair and clothes were completely covered in the stuff. It's now a couple days later and I am still finding it around the apartment.

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