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Central-Mid-levels Escalator
(Hong Kong: Hong Kong Island)

October 2005
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Island: Central-Mid-levels Escalator

Hong Kong is home to a unique species of salaryman: The escalator commuter. Rising from the Central district to Conduit Road almost 1km away, the Central-Mid-levels Escalator is a covered series of escalators and conveyors that carries tens of thousands of people each day. In the mornings (until 10:00) it moves downward, then it changes direction and moves upward until midnight each evening. A companion staircase allows movement in the opposite direction.

Many of the residents of the Mid-levels area are fairly well-off, so a lively corridor of upscale bars and restaurants has sprung up along the escalator. There's even a supermarket (Park-and-Shop near the Robinson Road exit) that opens directly into it. You can duck into the market, pay for your groceries at the escalator cashier, and then resume your commute.

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