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Czech Republic

39 photos from 2008. Click on any of the small images to enlarge.



Real-life Legoland Public square Painted houses Colors everywhere
Too easy to photograph John Lennon wall Tourists on the Charles Bridge Near Old Town Square
Ornate rooftops Quiet cobbled street Convention center Police recruiting ad
Museum of Communism Astronomical clock close-up Crowd at the Charles Bridge gate Making hard work out of fun
Steep streets View from the edge of town Charles Bridge from above Charles River bend
Convent ceiling art Essence of Czech life Cathedral in the castle River and bridge
Saints everywhere Reflections Old Town Square at night Early morning drink
Fancy shopping Prague Castle in the distance Waiting for the clock to chime Decorative window
There is no escape Arch on north side of Charles Bridge Important notice Prague under a misty rain
Culinary salvation One last cobbled street photo Farewell to Prague

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